The Quality of Movement

February 23, 2017

     Today’s discovery session was so much fun.  We were exploring the different qualities of movement.  I love the synergy created by our team.  I am very energy sensitive and I was aware of a few different energies.  They were tangible.

     We began with a few structured exercises that created a nervous edgy energy that was not all that pleasant to feel physically.  Thank goodness that energy was not strong enough to have any staying power.  Though the energy that replaced it was strong enough!

     When we were doing the contact exercise it seemed to me as if the energy created when Candace and I connected our fingertips had an awareness.  Freaked me right the fuck out!  I had never really thought about energy in that context before.  It was like it knew that we were allowing it to be free,  to take control of the contact point.

     The music Devon played seemed to entice this  beautiful energy.  Slowly, fluidly our arms moved, without any forced movement on our part, as if performing a choreographed dance piece.  With my eyes closed, focusing solely on my fingertip, it was like being an outside observer only inside of myself.  I know it sounds crazy but it is the only way I have to describe how I felt at that moment.  David said it perfectly when asked for his observations.  He spoke only one word “Transcendent”.

I can’t wait to see what happens next!


One thought on “The Quality of Movement

  1. Awesome, thanks for your insights and experiences, Tina so glad you had fun – I love movement and I was happy that as a group we got so into it. For me, the key attitude is curiosity – with curiosity we can experience all kinds of states, transcendent and not-so-transcendent, and take them all as opportunities to notice and learn something about ourselves and each other. Excited for this to be another foundation for our performance creation! It’s a real treat to work with people like yourselves who are so naturally curious and open!

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