The Woman in the Alley. By Tina Shaw

During what was to be our last discovery session until we reconvene in August to rehearse for our first (of many I pray) performance I got to revisit something that we did in one of our first sessions together and it was wonderful to think about that day.  It was the day Devon took control with an exercise he regularly had his music students do at DURC.  He had everyone say just one word and we all wrote down the words that were spoken.  He then said you have 10 minutes to create.  It didn’t matter what we created as long as it contained 1, some or all of these words.  I had never worked with Devon before so I didn’t really know what to expect.  I love writing.  I love using words to evoke emotion.  Much to my surprise it was me who got emotional.  I created 2 paragraphs with most of the words and when I was done writing I was floored

I wrote about a couple of women and the circumstances surrounding that encounter.  To my surprise when I read what I wrote Devon told me to re-read it.  He put it to a haunting melody and began his magic when I finished reciting my words.  He saw in his mind one of the women I spoke of and created lyrics about her in an instant.  I thought about that session often over time and then got extremely busy working at one of the new Overdose Prevention Sites trying to stop the needless overdose deaths plaguing our city.  I forgot all about that session until Kelty brought it up during this session wanting to explore it a little more.  What became painfully clear as I revisited those words I wrote was that I knew both women.   They were me.  Me of the past met me of the present and wow was I floored!  Until that moment I didn’t have a clue.  But it was glaringly obvious now.  Not only is “Illicit” going to be a great production, it helped me to see an area in my life that needed some personal  attention.  That in turn helped me to acknowledge a part of my past that I needed to heal.  This truly has been one of the most incredible experiences in my life.   I’m truly going to miss these discovery sessions creating with this amazing team!!!



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